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NYC Emergency Management’s Latest ‘Prep Talk’ Podcast Focuses On Pet Preparedness

Emergency plans aren’t just for humans; your furry friends need them too. June is National Pet Preparedness Month, and the New York City Emergency Management Department wants you to prepare your pets and service animals before the next emergency. In the latest episode of “Prep Talk”, hosts Omar Bourne and Allison Pennisi chat with NYC Emergency Management’s Matthew Puvogel, Community Engagement Coordinator, and Andrew Perlman, Human Services Specialist, about the key steps individuals can take to prepare their four-legged friends. From hurricanes and heat emergencies to winter storms, find out why a pet emergency plan is important, learn what you need to know about getting your pets and service animals ready for varying emergencies, and hear why “practice makes perfect” is key to your pet’s emergency plan. Listen to episode 11 on SoundCloud and iTunes.

New York City Emergency Management has outlined important tips for preparing your pet before an emergency:

Make a list of emergency contacts: Before an emergency, make a list of emergency contacts (local veterinarian, boarding facility, local animal shelter etc.). Keep a copy of this list in your pet’s Go Bag.

Develop a plan: Record important information about your pet so that you can easily access it during an emergency. This includes vaccination history, local pharmacy, and information about your pet’s sex and breed along with any allergies or medical conditions.

Know how to evacuate with your pet: Think about where you will go with your pet and how you will get there if you have to leave home during an emergency.

Pack a pet Go Bag: Pets should have their own Go Bag—a sturdy, easy-to-carry container, such as a backpack or suitcase on wheels: that should be easily accessible if you have to leave your home in a hurry.

Put together a pet emergency supply kit: Include pet supplies in your own emergency supply kit, the set of supplies you need to survive in your home for at least three days.

For more information and resources about preparing your pet, visit NYC.gov/readyny. To view NYC Emergency Management’s “My Pet’s Emergency Plan” visit www1.nyc.gov/assets/em/downloads/pdf/pets_english.pdf

NYC Emergency Management ‘Prep Talk’ Podcast Series:

Get ready for your emergency prep talk! NYC Emergency Management has launched “Prep Talk,” a new podcast series that engages listeners about emergency management topics. Listen as NYC Emergency Management hosts Omar Bourne and Allison Pennisi talk with guests who keep our city safe and prepared before, during and after emergencies. You can listen to “Prep Talk” on SoundCloud and iTunes to stay up-to-date on the latest episodes.

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