2018-06-20 / Editorials

Seize The Summer Day

Summer’s finally here in full bloom! It is physically the summer season as of June 21, the Summer Solstice. Due to the positions of the Sun and Earth relative to each other, we will now experience a peak amount of sunlit hours each day. We’re not going into the astronomy of it right now, suffice it to say, summer is truly, physically here, after we’ve been anticipating it all these past months. Judging by how quickly we have to change the calendar, those months are just breezing by—for us, anyway. Each month seems like only a week, melting away like butter on a kitchen counter in June. The only remedy for that is to pack as much enjoyment into every day as possible. Make each day just a little special. There are constantly special events at the parks and libraries, live entertainment at cultural centers, local restaurants, cafes and pubs, every day of the week. Yes, even on weekdays—there is life after work. You may not feel too ambitious at 5 pm, but make the plans, drag yourself to a different train stop or walk, and we guarantee, once you get there (or even on the way on these gorgeous sun-drenched days) you will re-energize and it’s like you get two days for the price of one. Try it at least once a week. Touch base with those friends and even relatives you only see at birthdays and holidays. If you are retired, so much the better. You can indulge in or start all those hobbies you’ve always wanted to try. Work on your second language, try sitting yoga or swimming classes, check out those foreign films at Museum of the Moving Image, get into gardening, or explore other lives in a literature class. Some people renew old passions, such as coaching Little League. Of course there are actual Mets games to attend right nearby, at Citi Field.

A big annual tradition in the city is Summer Stage. It’s been going on since the 1970s, but only used to be held in Central Park. Now there are concerts all over the city, and we in Queens of course are getting our share. There are also concerts at Forest Hills Stadium, and don’t forget year-round offerings from Flushing Town Hall, Queens Theatre, and a host of other venues.

Other favorites are Flushing Meadows Corona Park Aquatic Center & Rink for swimming and ice skating(!); Astoria Park’s films, concerts and of course the pool; Socrates Sculpture Park—ring in the summer at their annual solstice event, and check their other programs, such as Outdoor Cinema (their 20th year!), dance, jazz, art workshops, kayaking, tai chi and yoga, and more; Play Streets and day camp offered by the Police Athletic League, the YMCA, and Alley Pond Environmental Center; outdoor fun at the blossoming Queens County Farm Museum and Queens Botanical Garden and “so much more.” For specifics, check our weekly Community Calendar online, at QGazette.com and also our monthly magazine, the Queens Scene, in glossy color available everywhere the Gazette is, at all your regular stops around town, or online at QueensScene.com. We hope this is the start of something wonderful for you all!

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