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City Council, Mayor Announce Agreement On FY 2019 Budget

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, Finance Committee Chair Daniel Dromm, Capital Budget Subcommittee Chair Vanessa Gibson and Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on June 11 an agreement on the Fiscal Year 2019 budget. The Fiscal Year 2019 budget includes many of the priorities the council pushed for to improve the lives of all New Yorkers, including the Fair Fares discount MetroCards program, increased budget reserves, and prioritizing permanent housing in response to the city’s affordability crisis.

Those priorities—as well as increased resources for libraries, afterschool programs, trash pick-up, and summer youth employment—are the result of the council fighting for creative solutions to protect the city’s most vulnerable, and the council’s commitment to provide much-needed resources to as many New Yorkers as possible. The council is mindful that although this budget is being adopted in a time of prosperity, the city’s finances could change. Therefore, the council pushed for and succeeded in attaining fiscally prudent budgeting practices to protect the city’s future.

This year, with the formation of the new Capital Budget subcommittee, the council scored significant wins in the city’s Capital Budget. That includes $150 million to make schools handicap-accessible, $60 million for libraries’ capital funding, and $5.8 billion in excess appropriation rescinded.

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