2018-06-13 / Editorials

In Appreciation Of All The Fathers

It’s that time of year to make a special gesture and show our fathers, grandfathers and father-figures how much we love and appreciate them, just in case, in the hustle and bustle of our lives, we sometimes forget to thank them daily for all they do and have done. We thank them for guiding us along the right path in life, warning us of the pitfalls, teaching us the typical “dad” things and sometimes the less typical. It is important to remember every father is unique, and they all do the best they can with what they have. The least we can do is thank them, when there isn’t anything they wouldn’t do for us: fathers provide for their children, and protect them, caringly show them right from wrong, and teach them all kinds of useful skills. Fathers are also fun!—even though too many dads come home exhausted every day and have little energy to even want to have fun. But there are those weekend outings, dad-meals and dad-jokes, and the times they go above and beyond, all because their kids are the light of their lives.

We believe most of our holidays are rather important as the glue that sustains our society’s values. Father’s Day is no exception. On that day, not only are we acknowledging and thanking our fathers, we are encouraging them to keep up the good work, and hold them up as role models, showing our next generations what will be expected of boys as future fathers, and for girls what to expect from future spouses.

Finally, those dads unfortunately no longer with us: we remember them with love, tell our kids about them and perhaps say a little prayer for them.

In closing, let us wish the fathers in our readership a warm and happy acknowledgement on their day, and every day!

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