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Cops Issue Annual Fireworks Warning

By Liz Goff
Police in Queens are planning to keep a lid on illegal activity over the July 4th holiday, including the storage, sale and use of illegal fireworks. Cops will also be stepping up enforcement of drunk drivers, motorists who text or talk on electronic devices while behind the wheel and others who fail to use seat belts or child safety seats, as required.

Police officials are warning residents that they could face more than a summons if they are caught with illegal fireworks. Violators will be arrested and processed through the system, and could end up behind bars over the busy holiday, police officials said.

The crackdown that began in the mid-1990s has resulted in the confiscation of massive amounts of illegal fireworks and numerous arrests, persuading people to leave displays of large fireworks to experts, officials said.

Officials said police will also establish traffic checkpoints throughout local neighborhoods and at high-volume locations to snare drunk drivers, motorists who fail to use seat belts and child safety seats (as required,) and motorists who talk and/or text messages on electronic devices while behind the wheel.

“People must realize the dangers involved in setting-off illegal fireworks,” police officials said. “How many times does someone have to lose a finger – or a hand, to send the message that fireworks are deadly in the hands of amateurs?”

Fire officials echoed the message and warned that FDNY marshals and investigators are also involved in the crackdown. “Anyone who is thinking about storing, dealing or using illegal fireworks in the weeks prior to, or after the July 4th holiday, should be on the lookout for law enforcement,” a fire spokesperson said.

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