2018-06-06 / Editorials

It’s Our Anniversary!

Welcome to the Gazette’s 36th Anniversary Issue. In a world of ever-accelerating change we’re glad to still be here, and look forward to the next 36 years, always striving to bring you the best and most important news in the borough. From an eight-pager to as many as 208 pages; from having a few bundles dropped off in the immediate area to circulation throughout the borough, and indeed, reaching around the world with our electronic edition, social media and subscriptions, we have not only kept up, but anticipated all the latest advancements in publishing and everything else, to stay on top of it all—and bring our readers with us. We strive to always seek out and bring you the latest developments, the joys and tribulation, the progress and the missteps. Looking back at all we’ve accomplished— and survived—we are humbled and amazed. Through it all we have been blessed to work side by side with some of the most talented and sharp people in the industry. Each week everyone gives their all and then some to maintain our high standards of accuracy, breadth and timeliness. Everyone in the staff and management devotes 110 percent to keeping our fellow residents informed on all topics, from politics to education, health, the arts, real estate, where to eat, drink, shop, be entertained—everything of interest to our readers. But enough about us! We are also grateful for the priceless and fruitful interactions with our legion of readers, the many involved borough residents (and even many former residents) who take a keen interest in the goings on in all spheres of life here, and have kept us on our toes, providing input and helpful feedback as to their concerns, their points of view, stories, and reactions to the evolving environment we are all so thankful to live in—our magnificent county. We also want to thank and acknowledge our many local elected officials who advocate for the community and who maintain transparency with us; community organizations who work tirelessly to build consensus, and to liaise between residents and leaders; and our advertisers, many of whom have been with us since our inception, and have contributed in no small measure to our success, bringing their very best to our readers, who deserve no less.

Thank you to our readers and advertisers for being there. We hope you continue making us a part of your life.

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