2018-05-30 / Editorials

Parks Should Fix Up The Dog Park

Now that spring is finally perking up, more people will be looking to bring their pets to the dog park. Dog parks everywhere will be filled with dogs playing catch and wagging their tails. Dog owners will be happily chatting with each other and introducing their pets on a cheery afternoon. Dog parks all over Queens will be happily buzzing with activity—except at the dog park inside John F. Murray Playground. It is a wreck, as reported by Reena Roy at CBS2 News. Pet owners bring their pets as there is little choice nearby, but they are not happy. Not only is it a dustbowl, they explained, it is full of broken glass, sharp rocks, shards of metal, and wood. Dog owners said their pets have ended up limping the next day and get cut paws, which can become infected. When they are not injured, they are rolling and breathing in dust, which turns to mud after every rain shower. There are no benches installed for the humans either. Murray Playground was renovated a few years ago, for $1.275 million, which is nice, but the dog park was left to its own devices, being given only fencing and water for the dogs. We think the city Parks Department should finish the job and fix up the dog park as well. Parks twice put off giving an interview to Reena Roy, saying they’d look for a short-term solution and money for a full renovation. This doesn’t sound like a concrete plan to rectify this situation, and we know how far vagueness gets one with city agencies. We think Parks can at least clear out the sharp objects and put down some grass and some benches. Doing that much shouldn’t cost millions, will be safer for the dogs and would help the appearance of that part of the park, which looks splendid aside from the dog park.

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