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Stiff Fines For Business A/C Law Violators

By Liz Goff
City officials are reminding Queens business owners to shut their doors and close their windows when temperatures rise this summer – or face a fine of up to $1,000.

A law that became effective in 2016 requires owners of small, medium and large stores and other businesses to shut their windows and doors when their air conditioners are on.

Business owners who fail to comply with the law will receive a warning until July 1, authorities said. Owners who fail to comply after July 1 could face a violation that carries a fine of $250 to $1,000.

The measure expands on a law passed by the City Council in 2008 that requires commercial establishments 4,000-square-feet or larger to shut their doors while air conditioners are in use.

Owners are also required to post a notice on all entrances and exits, urging the public to call 911 to report violators. DCA officials said the agency has instructed its inspectors to “come down hard” on businesses that violate the law.

The city Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) has printed stickers emblazoned with the logo, “Shut The Front Door” for distribution to 10,000 businesses throughout the five boroughs. For more information, go to the DCA website at www.consumeraffairs@nyc.gov. and click on Local Law 850-A.

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