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On the Road in Greece: KEM Bags Make a Statement

By Catherine Tsounis

KEM bags

 KEM bags Finding a stylish leather bag in a New York retail store is difficult. The most stylish bags are synthetic. Handbags have been essential to fashion history ever since people have had something precious to carry around with them and only the items have changed over time. I enjoy window shopping in the provincial city of Tripoli. High fashion is prevalent. Tripoli is a European city that takes fashion seriously. Appearances count.

KEM Tripoli has the latest styles in synthetic and leather handbags. I make it a point to buy multi-colored leather bags that are very difficult to find in New York. This past year, KEM Tripoli had pastel colors that caught one’s eye. I bought KEM bags as souvenirs. The online bags do not show the diverse collection that I found in KEM Tripoli. It makes a difference shopping in person at a retail store. I took photos and emailed them back to the states. I had members of my family select bags for purchase I like romance leather, picking a navy-blue bag.  Shoppers in malls ask me where I bought my bag. The handmade bags in leather and synthetic fabrics stay new, even after a few years. Shop in key cities of Greece. I shop at Tripoli store at Ethnikis Antistaseos 28, tel. 2710 227471

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