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On The Road In Italy:

Transporatation In Veneto & Emilia Romangna Regions
By Catherine Tsounis

Modern train seats from Venice to Bologna.
Modern train seats from Venice to Bologna. Trains, Bicycles were prevalent in Venice in late autumn 2017. WomenOwner with adorable dog travelling first class on trainOwner with adorable dog travelling first class on train with 3-4 All our train reservations were made online in the USA.  We avoided validation at train stations. This helped avoid stress in overseas traveling. Women in spiked heels were bicycle riding in Ravenna. Tourists shoving and pushing in Florence and Venice during an off season was unbelievable. Italians were courteous, helpful with our luggage. Train travel from Venice to Florence, Aquileia (Bologna) and Ravenna was excellent. All the trains rain on time. Clean with modern seats. Even the old trains were comfortable.

The major problem in travelling was luggage. Finding space on trains for luggage was a nightmare, in addition to lifting. The best suggestion Computerized bathroom, Venice to Bologna
Computerized bathroom, Venice to Bologna offered was “come to Venice with a carryon suitcase.” How can you go on a two-week trip with one, small suitcase?

Rolling farm fields, Venice to Bologna

 Rolling farm fields, Venice to Bologna Train travel showed us the beautiful, rolling green hills and fields. Affluent with rich natural resources, Northern Italy is carrying the taxation burden of Rome.

We were vigilant for pick pockets at the Bologna train Seats, Ravenna to Florence
Seats, Ravenna to Florence station. Our vigilance must have scared the pick pockets away because we are New York City street smart. We accidentally travelled from Venice to Bologna second class instead of our first-class tickets. The conductor wrote on the ticket that we are entitled to a refund. Seat reservations are mandatory in first class, not second class.  The high-speed train on our return trip from Florence to Venice was modern. The newer trains had computerized bathrooms.

Refreshments – Ravenna to Florence.
Refreshments – Ravenna to Florence. Travelling without guides and knowing English is possible in Italy. We created our own customized excursion with free walking tours and internet information. Hospitality was prevalent among the Italian middle class. I felt I was with our own people in Greece.

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