2018-05-23 / Editorials

Celebrate And Remember

It is hard for us to believe it is almost summer, but in just a few days we will be celebrating Memorial Day, so it must be. On Monday, May 28, the unofficial beginning of summer will be here. It may not be summer by the calendar, but more powerfully it will give us the feeling of actual summer. Activities will be more outdoor-oriented, and most importantly, there will be parades to honor our military heroes who are no longer with us. We will indeed have the long weekend for barbecues, street fairs, swimming and sunning, sports, concerts and get-togethers with family, friends, and those sharing similar interests. In the midst of the celebrations, we think it is a good idea to give some thought and remember who is being memorialized, and pass on that appreciation to younger family members and friends who may not have thought of it much. One day of the year is dedicated to those who gave their lives to keep this country safe and whole; do not squander it. Visit your local parade, put up the flag, thank all veterans you see, and bring flowers to those who have gone on before us in the cemetery. Some may be family members who deserve to be remembered and spoken of with those gathered. We always strive to remember the real meaning of our holidays. The whole point to a recurring holiday is to transmit and keep alive our values and history, from generation to generation. Become conscious, and spread that awareness, of what we have to be grateful for in this country, before it slips away. They are the glue that holds a culture together. And remember also to enjoy the extra day off!

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