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El Anzuelo Fino has been at its Woodhaven location for an astonishing 20 years, serving up fine Peruvian cuisine in a casual setting. El Anzuelo Fino translates to “The Fine Fish Hook” and this petite Peruvian kitchen puts out fresh fish, seafood, meat and chicken dishes, and salads for lunch, dinner, and take-out. Run by the Torres Family, including chef Amilcar, wife Mari, and son Boris, this charming, traditional restaurant features the diverse and delicious cuisine of Peru. With 1,500 miles of coastline, and mountains in the interior, Peru’s cuisine offers a breadth of fish, seafood, meat, and chicken dishes that will delight you. Even the bottle of wine we shared and enjoyed was a Peruvian Malbec, a perfect vintage to complement our meal. The simple and clean dining room is flanked with stone walls and decorated with pottery and objects from their native Peru, allowing you to soak in the culture while you anticipate the food to come.

We started with an appetizer of ceviche, a traditional dish of fresh fish and seafood marinated in lime juice with onions and a blend of spices, making it a vibrant and healthy dish to whet your appetite. Another classic Peruvian appetizer is called causa rellena which consists of two layers of mashed potato with a layer of either shrimp, tuna, or chicken and mild spices in the middle. The unique flavor and texture was so delicious and offered plenty to share. Another appetizer we loved is called anticucho, a skewer of grilled, tender veal heart, served with potatoes and traditional Peruvian corn. Handmade tamales filled with chicken or pork are delicious, and the diced octopus called pulpo is topped with savory black olive sauce. Try a bowl of soup such as beef consommé with noodles, rich chicken soup, Peruvian shrimp chowder, or seafood casserole with rice called parihuela.

Fish and seafood play a big role in Peruvian cuisine and with 20 choices in fish on the menu, you’re sure to find your favorite. We loved Corvina a lo Macho, tender fish fillet in mild cream sauce with calamari and shrimp. Fillet of sole sautéed with aromatic garlic ajillo is perfect, accompanied by the fluffy rice that soaks up the fragrant sauce. Fried red snapper or trout are both nice dishes served with fries or rice. Rich, flavorful salmon is grilled simply or sautéed with seafood for a hearty meal.

El Anzuelo Fino does a nice job with chicken breast, served Milanese style with a crispy bread crumb crust, or shredded with turmeric, yellow peppers and cream sauce. If you prefer red meat, the top sirloin steak is grilled to order and served with sweet plantains called maduros, salad, and rice ($22). Shell steak with French fries and beef stew are other options, along with juicy pork chops with rice and salad ($16). There are nearly a dozen pasta dishes on the menu including fettuccine Alfredo, fettuccine with seafood in marinara sauce, and linguine with sautéed beef.

Though we were stuffed, the lovely Mari brought us some leche asado, Peruvian style custard which was creamy, delicious, and the perfect palate cleanser. Purple corn pudding is a real treat, and traditional cookies called alfajores all go well with rich coffee. El Anzuelo Fino has a great lunch special for just $8.95 that includes soup or salad, and main course of the day. Make any night special with a visit to El Anzuelo Fino for great seafood, excellent meats, friendly service and good prices. They will deliver in the Woodhaven neighborhood too and provide catering. Widen your horizons and take advantage of Queens’ legendary culture and culinary diversity at El Anzuelo Fino!

98-01 Jamaica Avenue
Woodhaven, NY  718.846.0909

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