2018-05-16 / Editorials

Enjoy The Local Shopping Experience

Shopping small is important. We cannot stress enough the importance of supporting your local streets and stores. They are the backbone and lifeblood of our communities. We need our local coffee shops, restaurants, and retail stores. While sometimes it is convenient to Amazon it or big box shop—and of course we cannot argue with those who do—we cannot forget the local stores. They are a major contributor to the local color we all lament when it vanishes—but then it’s too late. Shop locally, especially at this week’s Steinway Street Sale Days, where you will always see something new and different. Steinway Street is that famous Queens shopping strip full of local stores, “mom-and-pop” shops and independent shops, as well as chain stores. To avoid vacancies and help our communities stay alive and thrive we need to shop locally whenever we can. Not only does it help the local economy, it helps us! Bring your teens, partner or friends and make a day of it. Remember the fun of shopping in person and get that gratification now. Online may be convenient, but you are left waiting a week or three for that object of desire, so you continue shopping, whether you need to or not. Let alone when it finally arrives you come to find it’s not quite right. You need to figure out how to return it, if you even can. Where’s the fun in that? Satisfy that need to shop and come home with something great to wear, taste, or gift. See you on Steinway!

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