2018-05-09 / Editorials

How Do I Thank Thee?

What can we say about moms that we haven’t said already? Actually the list of things to appreciate about mothers is endless.

All beings look after their offspring to varying extents, although we are pretty sure human mommas have the longest sentence—er—commitment. Whether our moms are biological, or they came by us via adoption, or by marriage, they still nurture us, advocate for us, teach, clothe, groom, support, and everything else that comes with creating a healthy and strong body and mind. Not to mention all her uncompensated labor as teacher, chef, therapist, housekeeper, mentor, chauffeur, advocate, enforcer, nurse, playmate and best friend—you name it.

They’ve always been our staunchest advocates, allies and fans—no matter how many mistakes we make, mom would always see our side, even when no one else in the world would.

Not to work the guilt, but if anyone deserves some recognition it’s mom. Return some of the love she’s always given you, even half of what she gives would be a lot.

We don’t know if there’s ever been a specific day besides ours set aside to honor all mothers, but even if a formal holiday did not exist throughout the world and since the dawn of humanity, it should have.

Sometimes we don’t tell them enough how much we appreciate them, or at all, so tell them now, before it’s too late. They deserve to know their efforts, given with nothing expected in return, are valued, acknowledged and appreciated, so show mom you care. After all, our moms are our first loves. And we at the Gazette send our wishes for a warm and happy Mother’s Day, all you beloved moms and children out there!

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