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No Room At The LIRR Little Neck Inn

Aurora Pond by Udall’s Cove.


Aurora Pond by Udall’s Cove. The start of repairs on the privately-owned Little Neck Long Island Rail Road train station parking lot will not add any additional new capacity to accommodate the Douglaston Station.

Douglaston Station. daily overflow of cars. Work has begun in the immediate area surrounding the ticket office. Things are so bad that the attendant has to double park cars to accommodate everyone. Many who do not want to pay park on the street, sometimes many blocks from the station. This periodically creates conflicts with some neighborhood residents who use the same The Little Neck Long Island Rail Road station.


The Little Neck Long Island Rail Road station. spots in front of their homes. Some creative commuters appear to have found new free parking several hundred feet northwest of The Little Neck railroad parking.The Little Neck railroad parking.the Little Neck LIRR Station. They are parking by the entrance to Aurora Pond, which is part of Udall's Cove Park on the back road from Douglaston to the Little Neck LIRR track grade crossing. Driving a few minutes to the adjacent Douglaston LIRR Station parking lot is no better. There is also no alternate commuter parking available at the nearby Douglaston LIRR station parking lot. Just like at Little Neck the Douglaston lot is also full every The Little Neck Ticket Office.PHOTOS WENDY PENNERThe Little Neck Ticket Office.PHOTOS WENDY PENNERmorning. Only a few dozen LIRR riders use the Q36 NYC Transit Little Neck Parkway bus during the morning and evening rush hours as an alternative. In this case, the LIRR has not been successful in keeping up with the needs of growing ridership at both Douglaston and Little Neck stations.

—Larry Penner

Larry Penner is a transportation historian and advocate who previously worked 31 years for the US Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration.

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