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Hermes Expo 2018 Hosts ‘A Taste of Greece’

By Catherine Tsounis

The audience.

The audience. Celebrating its 27th year in 2018, the Hermes Expo International continues its mission to build and solidify business ties between Greek American business owners, philhellenes, and regional and international businesses, through networking, enabling and facilitating partnership opportunities and strategic alliances.

The Hermes Expo International and the Queens Chamber of Commerce sponsored A Taste of Hellas: A Mediterranean Palate Trade Portal on April 26 at St. Peter’s Church at 619 Lexington Ave. in Manhattan.

Distributors of Greek Specialty Food such as Megas Yeeros, manufacturers of the Original Yeero; Oinos Wine Importing Company; Gyro World and others attended.

Sample food and wines were provided by sponsors.

The moderator was Hermes Expo Coordinator Paul Kotrotsios. The East Mediterranean Business Culture Alliance (EMBCA) President Lou Katsos gave the introductions. Awards were given to prominent members of AHEPA and leaders of the community.

An exciting concert followed. “This is the third year that EMBCA, with the Greater Harlem Paul Kotrotsios and guests.
Paul Kotrotsios and guests. Chamber of Commerce is having the much-anticipated fun concert bringing together great cultures and friends for a unique musical experience,” said EMBCA President Lou Katsos. “I am the President of EMBCA and an Executive Board Member of the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce. We added the Havana musical beat to this great Greek and African American Blues/Jazz event. We will be featuring this year: The Hellenic Music Ensemble, with Julie Ziavras (soprano); Spiros Cardamis (pianist) and Kostas Psarros (bouzouki) presenting a special musical program capturing the lyric expression and the rich, deep texture of the Greek spirit and culture; Alyson Williams, a fabulous, well-known Harlem Jazz and R&B recording artist with Friends and The Feeling Collective Band under the leadership of Miguel and Mariang Valdes, with a dynamic group of extraordinary Cuban musicians.”

Vendor. Founder and President of Hermes Expo, Paul Kotrotsios reflects that, for the past quarter century, the Expo’s purpose and reason for being has been to connect people and businesses. 

“That is why we take care to create an atmosphere and Volunteers.

Volunteers. environment that makes it easy to network, explore partnerships and discover new opportunities. Helping others form business alliances and partnerships in today’s unpredictable and uncertain economic environment is of paramount necessity.  Over the years, we are pleased to be able to point to many examples where, through the Hermes Expo, long-lasting and profitable business relationships began. 

Aphrodite Kotrotsios, who works in the background.Aphrodite Kotrotsios, who works in the background.As we pass this milestone and look ahead, we continue to look for ways to enable, facilitate and explore new ways and possibilities to promote Greek products and services in the United States,” said Katsos.  

For more information, visit www.hermesexpo.com.

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