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Greek Film Expo Arrives in New York Presented by the Hellenic Film Society USA

Greek Film Expo Premiere Night. Greek Film Expo Premiere Night. Opening night of the Greek Film Expo took place on Friday, April 27 at the Directors Guild Theater in Manhattan. The US debut of Jamaica, directed by Andreas Morfonios and starring Spiros Papadopoulos and Nikoleta Kotsailidou, marked the inaugural screening of the new film showcase for Greek films in America. The costars attended the screening, a Q&A session, and a reception to celebrate the first annual event. Screenings of Greek-made comedies and dramas were also held at the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, where the screenings were sold out and will be held at the Bow Tie Manhasset Theater in Nassau County Tuesday, May 1 - Thursday, May 4. The Greek Film Expo, made possible with generous support from the Onassis Foundation USA, is presented by the Hellenic Film Society USA, a new organization dedicated to promoting Greek cinema in America. For further information including film schedule, or to buy tickets, please visit hellenicfilmusa.org or call 718-531-5074.

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