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Gianaris: Extend 31st Street Bus During Subway Makeover

By Liz Goff
State Sen. Michael Gianaris is calling on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NTA) to extend bus service on 31st Street in Astoria to help service straphangers inconvenienced by the closure of local subway stations.

“Our community has been waiting for an accessible station on the N/W line for decades, and the news about Astoria Boulevard was a long time coming,” Gianaris said. “Still, the MTA is not doing nearly enough to cushion the blow that will come with the extended station closure during construction.

Renovations are expected to begin at the N/W Astoria Boulevard station in 2019, resulting in the full closure of the station.

“We are already dealing with closing businesses and inconvenienced riders where other stations are closed,” Gianaris said. “The MTA needs to do more to help our entire community deal with yet another months-long shutdown. It is time that they extend this bus route to provide service for the entire community.”

North-South bus routes currently run from 20th Avenue to Queens Plaza on the Q-101 Steinway Street line and (on bus routes) along 21st Street, Gianaris said. “But there exists a wide gulf in bus service between these routes.”

Gianaris has asked the MTA to create a “spur” off the Q-102 bus line that would run along 31st Street from 30th Avenue to 20th Avenue. The Astoria lawmaker previously called for shuttle bus service to address the problems of access in that section of Astoria.

The least the MTA can do to mitigate hardship faced by local businesses and residents would be to extend the Q102 bus lone that runs along 31st Street, so that it terminates at 20th Avenue instead of 30th Avenue,” Gianaris said in an April 24th letter to MTA president Darryl Irick. “This would give residents and visitors in the northern section of Astoria more transportation options.”
















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