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Danice Chain Closing 48th Street Store

A Danice store located at the Plaza 48 Shopping Center in Long Island City will soon be closing its doors, a spokesperson for the chain said.

Closure of the store at 34-56 48th Street will leave a second vacancy at the shopping center. A Toys ‘R Us store located in the mall will be closing its doors within the next few months, a spokesperson for the now-bankrupt retailer said.

Toys ‘R Us officials said the chain, which is facing $35 billion in debt, had struggled to compete with online retailers like Amazon and large retailers like Walmart, but sales continued to fall.

Another problem faced by Toys ‘R Us was a new generation of youngsters who prefer playing games online rather than purchasing them outright, a company spokesperson said.

Toys ‘R Us employees were notified on April 14th that the chain would be shutting all of its U.S. stores, a move that would result in the loss of 33,000 jobs.

A spokesperson for the Danice chain, founded more than 84 years ago in New York City, said it is unclear when the Long Island store would be shutting down.

 –Liz Goff





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