2018-05-02 / Editorials

People Have Cars To Take Them Places

Two NYC Council members announced they will soon introduce bills for permit parking in the city. Council Member Mark Levine’s bill would eliminate free parking spots for non-residents in Manhattan, from 60th Street northward, making parking possible only by permits held by residents. Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez’ bill would cover the entire city—that’s all five boroughs. This would eliminate 80 percent of parking for non-residents, regardless of whether the area is mainly a residential type neighborhood or not. This makes us wonder what is the purpose of having a car if you cannot drive it and park it where you want? Cars are not for leaving parked by your home. Levine stated to CBS-TV news that people are driving into Manhattan and parking their cars on local streets “to hop on the subway”— huh? This doesn’t really make sense, and we doubt that’s what people are in fact doing. Regardless, people do use their cars to come into the city, for lots of reasons. Some go to work, some shop, or go to shows, clubs, bars, concerts, restaurants, or any of the other myriad attractions throughout the city— and nowhere else—has for everyone. Not being able to park will negatively affect business. People from Long Island, New Jersey, Westchester, all the other boroughs regularly travel into the city to do things. We would be severely restricting what people can do. As is well known, we cannot always rely on mass transit, as we have written about in our editorials thousands of times. Some people cannot physically use mass transit, or do not live near it. Such a move would turn business upside down, as few people will come from elsewhere to visit restaurants, shops, theaters, museums, bars, etc. It seems unfair; New York City is for all people, it should not be that you have to live there in order to park there. If the streets are public, parking should be also. The residents do not actually own and pay to maintain the streets; it is not a private community. If the bill is passed by the City Council, it would need go on to get state approval for such a drastic change to take place.

We hope the representatives of all the boroughs, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland and any other nearby county in New York will know enough to avoid such a negative action.

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