2018-04-25 / Editorials

Get Back In Touch With Nature This Arbor Day

Arbor Day is this Friday, April 27. No controversy here; everyone loves trees. They are beautiful, climbable, shady— and we need them. They give us AIR, which they help cool, as well as the sidewalks, and prevent sunburns in the summer. They also provide nuts, fruit, and homes and food for birds and squirrels. Trees also prevent soil erosion; some produce medicinally valuable leaves, bark or roots like white willow bark, the original aspirin; not to mention the actual wood we use for building, paper, sculpture and early tools. All year-round, even in winter, snow-laden or stark, bare branches or evergreens create the most striking imagery. Right now the trees are budding, some with beautiful, scented and ephemeral blossoms. They create stunning landscapes with their various silhouettes: tall and slender cypress trees, triangular Christmas trees, graceful weeping willows, wisteria and umbrella trees, to name some. Here in Queens we can boast of luscious linden, and even gingko trees. Enjoy the sights, scents and usefulness of the trees, and do your trees a favor and water them during dry spells, especially as the weather heats up; keep your dogs from “watering” the trees; and report any that look sick or dead to 311. We should also take good care of them so they don’t fall on us after we get a good soaking, or during heavy winds. Join in the various celebrations of Arbor Day at parks throughout the city, especially at the Queens Botanical Garden on Sunday, April 29 for their Arbor Fest, at which you can relax in their Beer & Wine Garden, play lawn games, bar trivia, learn something at their botanical demos, gardening activities and crafts, and enjoy inflatables, puppet shows, face painting, petting zoo, local food and craft vendors. Most anywhere in our scenic tree-lined borough, you can appreciate the trees— hug a tree, put up a hammock, and snap some photos. If you get some great shots, or fun selfies, send them to us, we’d love to see you enjoying the picturesque environs.

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