2018-04-18 / Editorials

For That Most Joyous & Important Day

This week’s issue of the Gazette is dedicated to those planning to get married. Our Bridal Issue was put together with all kinds of ideas for those planning their weddings. We have pulled together the latest thinking in pulling off the perfect wedding, plus the borough’s specialists whose daily lives are focused around creating the perfect wedding for each and every couple. They will not only provide their services in the most polished manner, but will guide you and inspire you, revealing options you might not have ever thought of on your own.

Your wedding is about joining two families, and creating a new one. The most meaningful wedding bases the moment of your union in the terra firma of tradition, yet puts your personal stamp on all the proceedings. Most engaged couples wish to sow seeds for a blessed future with profound roots in the past, and that means keeping it all near home. For our readers, home is Queens. Fortunately, everything one needs to orchestrate and celebrate the biggest day of your lives is right here in your own backyard. We are fortunate to have the most professional, service-oriented, creative and cutting-edge specialists in the world.

Of course you would want the ceremony performed in your own churches, temples and mosques, and fortunately Queens is home to some of the most resplendent of those around. There are also many other splendid non-sectarian locales. What Queens also provides are the most expert, experienced and service-oriented caterers, bakers, photographers, jewelers, restaurants, reception halls, bridal salons and formalwear shops, limos, musicians and DJs, hairstylists and makeup artists in the world (and don’t forget the finest housewares and furnishings for your registry; fitness centers for fitting into those fine threads, realtors and furniture showrooms for your new nest, and travel agents for your honeymoon). On top of that, you can get all this for the fairest prices.

We find most people want their wedding to be like a fairy tale, filled with romance and legendary beauty; to be unlike any other, yet incorporating our treasured traditions. Traditions based in culture, religion, and family, because more than anything, authenticity is the prime factor. Marriage is meant to be forever, and marking the day that changes your entire life must be done right! Every aspect must reflect the creation of a lasting union: the flowers, rings, wedding dress, tuxedoes, bridesmaids’ gowns, the music, table settings, flowers, limos, hair and makeup, music, and of course the most beautiful photos of the proceedings.

Professionals are needed to bring their knowhow in getting you hitched without a hitch; and in striking the exact tone between tradition and uniqueness, for while this wedding must be the ultimate in weddings, it must also be your very own event and no one else’s, a day to be remembered throughout a lifetime. All must be orchestrated and coordinated to set the perfect tone and mood of elegance and celebration; joyful reverence during the ceremony, followed by joyful revelry at the reception.

Whether you are engaged, married, or single, it’s great to be in Queens, where there are great places to get married, and for ceremonies of any other kind. This Bridal Issue help you plan your special event, see all the locales, jewelry shops, restaurants, and other specialists waiting to help you make memories to last a lifetime.

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