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Peralta Announces State Funding For CIANA Legal Services For Immigrants

NYS Senator Jose Peralta presents a check to CIANA on April 6.NYS Senator Jose Peralta presents a check to CIANA on April 6.In the era of Trump, protecting immigrants has become one of NYS Senator Jose Peralta’s priorities. In order to assist organizations that provide legal and other services to immigrants, Senator Peralta announced that he was able to secure a $40,000 state allocation for the Astoria-based Center for the Integration and Advancement of New Americans (CIANA). The non-profit works toward preventing the marginalization of new immigrants and refugees.

“The current political climate is hostile and unreal, and this is why protecting immigrants is my number-one priority. We must never forget that immigrants built this city and the entire country, and our doors must remain open to all. Now more than ever, I am fighting to protect my neighbors and pushing my progressive ideals to ensure that the interests of all New Yorkers are protected from this un-American administration. Our values remain untouchable. With the funds I was able to secure, CIANA will keep providing vital services to assist immigrants.”

The Astoria-based non-profit receives both private donations and government support. It is a decade-old immigrant-serving organization, and has developed an integration model designed for marginalized immigrant families and youth coming from highly traditional societies.

 “We are so thankful to Senator Peralta for continuing to support CIANA’s efforts to help our immigrant families in these particularly difficult and uncertain times. His support allowed us to help 225 new clients with immigration legal services this past year, and we look forward to helping even more this coming year.  Our immigrant families are experiencing so much anxiety about the future of their children and family members, and look to community-based organizations like CIANA for guidance and support in these difficult times, ” said CIANA founder and CEO Emira Habiby Browne.

“The board is so grateful for Senator Peralta’s continued support and his recognition of the importance of the work that our dedicated staff and volunteers are doing. For many recent immigrant families, the services and support we provide are critical to helping them become active community members and citizens,” said Glen Schleyer, Board Member of CIANA.

 “I want you to know how happy I was when I found that CIANA is still here in Astoria serving the community. I lived in Astoria for 30 years and came to CIANA for help 10 years ago. I have never forgotten the wonderful services I received and have been searching for CIANA because I need help again and know that CIANA is the right place for me. I thank all those who are making legal services possible for people like me who cannot afford private attorneys and can still obtain quality legal assistance and feel valued,” said Jose, an immigrant for Ecuador, who receives legal services from the non-profit.





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