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Jackson Heights Author Debuts First Adult Novel ‘A Death Of No Importance’

Author Will Appear At Astoria Bookshop on April 12
By Jason D. Antos

A Death Of No Importance” (Minotaur Books; $24.99;) on sale April 10.A Death Of No Importance” (Minotaur Books; $24.99;) on sale April 10.Mariah Fredericks, an author from Jackson Heights, will see her whose upcoming adult debut mystery, “A Death Of No Importance” (on stands April 10), has garnered early praise from the trades.

“A sparkling mystery… The novel’s voice, plotting, pace, characterization, and historical background are all expertly crafted, while the resolution—which feels both surprising and convincing—will leave readers hungry for more.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review).

“Jane is an appealing amateur sleuth… With its vivid depiction of contrasting worlds this series debut should appeal to readers of Alyssa Maxwell’s ‘Gilded Age’ historical mysteries.”—Library Journal, (starred review).

“Deftly woven… [An] intricate historical mystery and pointed commentary on human nature.”—Booklist

“A Death Of No Importance” is a historical mystery that juggles the multiple classes of early 20th century New York. By following ladies’ maid Jan Prescott, Fredericks opens a window into both the wealthy upper crust of NYC and takes readers into the bitter underbelly of the anarchist movement.

Fredericks touches on multiple historical moments, including the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire and the growing campaign for women’s rights. The 1910s were remarkably similar to today in that it was a time of great inequality, swift change, and a belief in violence as a political solution.

Fredericks will be visiting the Astoria Bookshop on April 12.

Jane Prescott has perfected the art of serving as a ladies’ maid in the upper-most echelons of 1910 New York City society. Invisible until she’s needed, Jane has a deft hand and a sharp, observant mind. Which means she sees a lot more than the wealthy, glamorous people she serves realize. Jane’s thoughtful, clear-eyed, and witty voice leads us into the heart of a gripping, atmospheric murder mystery.

When Jane’s mistress, Charlotte Benchley, surprises the family by getting engaged to notorious society playboy Norrie Newsome, Jane understands how the engagement might have come to pass, and what it means for both families.

When Norrie is suddenly murdered, Jane is uniquely positioned to understand who might have wanted him dead—from the family he was supposed to marry into before he proposed to Charlotte, to the survivors of a tragic accident in a mine owned by the Newsome family, to the rising anarchists in industrial revolution-era New York City who are sick of the elite classes getting away with anything they want simply because they were born wealthy.

Mariah Fredericks was born and raised in New York City, where she still lives with her family. She is the author of several YA novels. “A Death Of No Importance” is her first adult novel.

The Book is available on amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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