2018-04-11 / Editorials

Queens Culture: Fun, Feasts & Festivals

We can celebrate the culture of every international community right here in Queens. For example, last month the Central Astoria LDC had their Multicultural Celebration with fabulous singers, musicians and dancers in native dress from Brazil, Bulgaria, the Caribbean nations, Colombia, Greece, Hungary, Mexico, the Philippines, Romania, and West Africa. We also just had the Queens World Film Festival showcasing 180 films from around the world, the USA—and Queens—at the Museum of the Moving Image (MMI) and Kaufman Astoria Studios. Coming up on April 27 through May 3 is the Hellenic Film Society USA’s first-ever Greek Film Expo screening the cream of new Greek comedies and dramas at MMI (and Manhattan and Long Island). There are other international films showing all year throughout the borough. Need we even delve into the ever-blossoming, astounding variety of the foods we get to indulge in? Not only are they from every corner of the world, there are creative chefs inventing fusions of various cuisines, some we would never have thought to combine.

The city has always been famous for various ethnic neighborhoods, but the heart of Queens is big enough to comprise numerous cultures within most of her neighborhoods. Pretty much every week there is a street fair or festival sponsored by various churches, temples, clubs, and ethnic organizations. Every group, every culture’s cuisine, art, fashion, music, film, poetry, food, landscapes, crafts, unique customs—our borough reflects the entire world, for we are a microcosm. From sushi to curry and everything in between and all around—we may not know all the names, but the flavors we understand and love! We really are “The World’s Borough.” You can experience every aspect of every country in the world without leaving this wonderful county. We invite you to celebrate whatever aspect of whatever part of the world you want with us. Queens is literally flourishing and there’s no better time than the present to enjoy it than now.

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