2018-04-04 / Editorials

Our New ‘Angel In The Infield’

Fans were still anxiously awaiting the Mets’ Opening Day even though it came a bit earlier than usual, on Thursday, March 29, because the Mets will have a few more days off this season.

The game was an auspicious opener, considering the Mets defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 9-4. However, it was bittersweet in that we simultaneously had to say goodbye to longtime Mets favorite, Rusty Staub.

Rusty left us soon after midnight that day, after having been in the hospital for two months.

The six-time All-Star had an illustrious baseball career, and was a major contributor to many Mets highlights, such as winning the Pennant in 1973. Le Grand Orange could always be depended upon to make those base hits. Rusty was also the founder of the New York Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s Benefit Fund, which has raised over $100 million since its founding in 1986. Mets players and coaches donated to the fund their entire paychecks from the very next game they played after the September 11 attacks—almost half a million dollars. Together with Catholic Charities, Rusty’s golf and dinner benefits helped serve over 9 million meals in food pantries throughout the city. It is with great sadness we say goodbye to a great Met and a great humanitarian—a great athlete and a great soul. We offer our heartfelt condolences to his family and his legion of fans everywhere.

This new season of baseball, along with Easter and the start of springtime all signal new beginnings and we have high hopes for Mets and Yankees success, and an exciting baseball season ahead of us.

This was a good game to dedicate to Rusty. We think that since Rusty hung in there until the Mets’ Opening Day, it was more like a “commencement” of his new heavenly career as our “Angel in the Infield.”

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