2018-04-04 / Editorials

Happy Orthodox Easter!

Orthodox Christians, and many Greeks in particular, have not yet celebrated Easter—not until this Sunday, April 8, which is Eastern Orthodox Easter. The Orthodox community in Queens is largely represented by Greeks, who, as we discussed in a recent editorial, just celebrated Greece’s independence, which was timed to coincide with another major Christian holiday, the Annunciation. Compared to Western Christian traditions, the rituals performed are somewhat different, and the dates don’t always coincide, due to their use of the Julian Calendar. But the core beliefs are the same, as are the main components of the holiday season, including Ash Wednesday, Lent, Palm Sunday, and of course, Good Friday. Orthodox Easter is still about celebrating the Resurrection of Christ. Being the Messiah, Jesus Christ’s mission was to save humanity beginning with His supreme sacrifice on Good Friday, when He was crucified, and culminating when He rose again in three days, on Easter Sunday. His sacrifice absolved humanity of its sins and offers hope to all—a clean slate, as it were, encouraging all to live the Christian values He taught in a kind, generous, humble, peacemaking life.

To all those celebrating Easter this Sunday, we wish you a very joyous holiday!

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