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Easter Bunny Sales Banned

Pet stores throughout New York City are banned from selling the fuzzy critters, under a change in a law passed by the City Council last year.

City Council Speaker Cory Johnson called for the change after animal rescue groups gave some examples of the horrors faced by bunnies purchased as Easter gifts.

Rescuers said people buy bunnies for their children as Easter gifts, but tire of them when they grow to full size.

Heartless owners either turn the helpless bunnies loose; toss them in the trash for pickup by sanitation workers or discard of them in “other, awful ways.”

Rescuers, city officials and officials at the ASPCA are urging parents to think before they purchase young rabbits.

People who are no longer enamored by the grown rabbits are urged to bring them to the city’s Animal care & Control Center, the ASPCA or a local rescue group.

Anyone who knows of a pet shop that is selling bunnies is urged to call the city’s 311 Hotline or their local police precinct to report the shop.

–Liz Goff


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