2018-03-28 / Editorials

Easter & Passover Each Emphasize Hope

Two major religions in our country will celebrate important holidays this week: Passover, starting on Friday, March 30 and Easter Sunday, on April 1. Good Friday, also on March 30, commemorates the day that Jesus Christ was crucified, rising from the dead three days later on Easter.

Both holidays give a message of hope: that there will be an end to oppression, burdens, worries. Jesus sacrificed himself for the deliverance of humanity. Christians believe that Jesus, the Son of God, came to teach humanity about love and forgiveness, and humility, or rising above one’s own ego, the source of all strife. Jesus took on the sins of all humanity and paid for it with his own life. When He rose from the dead, it was a sign of hope, demonstrating the greatest miracle of all, that of His eternal love for all His children.

Passover too brings hope. The Israelites were oppressed in the worst way, that of slavery, a situation that gives no chance of ever rising above because of one’s identity, not because of anything one ever did. But God led them out. Passover honors every person’s right to liberty. The Passover Seder meal consists of several courses, in a set progression, each of which being a food from the original time. They each have a symbolic meaning. Some represent sacrifices and struggle, for example, the salt water and bitter herbs. But there is also wine, four cups for God’s Four Promises of deliverance.

There is no shortage of important holidays around the world this time of year. Buddhists celebrate the birth of Avalokitesvara; Hindus celebrate the birth of their god, Rama; Jains celebrate the birth of their most important prophet, Lord Mahavir; and Bahá'ís and Zoroastrians celebrate their new years, to name some. Whatever holiday you are celebrating, or if you are simply celebrating the arrival of springtime—the inspiration of many beliefs—we wish you joyous holidays!

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