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Casa Theodoro

Celebrate spring by taking a walk on over to Casa Theodoro Pizzeria and Brazilian Eatery. Casa Theodoro is a casual, comfortable, family restaurant where groups of friends and family can sit together at long, wooden, communal tables while Brazilian music plays softly. There are also tidy tables for two and you may bring your own wine to go along with their fabulous pizza, Italian entrées, and Brazilian dishes. Owner Karina Guimaraes has years of experience in the restaurant business and named this lovely eatery after her grandfather, Theodoro.

At Casa Theodoro, you can get classic Italian style pizza but also try a variety of Brazilian style pies with creative, delicious toppings. For example, try a pie topped with Buffalo chicken, Caesar salad with grilled chicken, penne alla vodka, hearts of palm and dried beef, bacon, lettuce and tomato, and more. If you prefer Italian style pizza, you’ll love Casa Theodoro’s tender, crisp crust pizza Margherita topped with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, garlic, and fresh basil ($18 for large pie). The Suprema is loaded with sausage, pepperoni, onions, and peppers, and all orders are available to stay or to go to your home or office, with free delivery. It’s not surprising that the phone rings all day and night with orders to go.

Besides the delicious pies, Casa Theodoro offers hero sandwiches, hot pressed paninis, pasta dishes, hot entrees, and a Brazilian buffet served daily. Take advantage of Brazilian hot entrees served for lunch, such as stewed chicken, fresh fish filet, fried chicken, feijoada, rice, beans, plantains, vegetables, and more. Dishes are made fresh and change daily so there’s always something new to try, The Brazilian buffet is served Monday to Friday from 11am to 4pm at $6.99/pound and includes a free side salad. Freshly pressed hot paninis are filled with grilled chicken and fragrant pesto, roasted peppers, and mozzarella, or prosciutto, arugula, goat cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes. The veggie panini is layered with grilled eggplant, peppers, onions, pesto and fresh mozzarella ($6). Hero sandwiches are piled high with house-made meatballs, chicken, or eggplant Parmigiano style, with zesty tomato sauce and fresh, melted mozzarella, starting at just $6. Soup and salad is another great lunch option, with a bowl of their homemade soup such as lentil, chicken noodle or beef vegetable, along with a healthy Caesar salad, garden salad or tuna salad.

Casa Theodoro makes great pasta dishes too, to stay or to go. My pasta primavera was made on the spot, served piping hot, and garnished with fragrant basil leaves. The pasta was cooked al dente and the vegetables included fresh broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms with lots of garlic. According to Mariana, the lovely server, penne alla vodka and fettuccine Alfredo are two of the most popular pasta dishes, and I can see why. After pasta, there are hot entrees including chicken Milanese, Francese, and chicken Marsala, finished with sweet Marsala wine. Picanha is a Brazilian cut of juicy sirloin, prepared with grilled onions. There are even Brazilian crepes called panquecas filled with beef, chicken, or ricotta and spinach.

For dessert, the kids will love Nutella pizza (you will too!) or the creamy caramel flan, or cool passion fruit mousse. Casa Theodoro is right in the neighborhood, with easy parking, easy to walk to and fun to visit. Bring your friends, your family, and a bottle of wine to accompany their Italian and Brazilian style pizza, pasta, entrées, and lunch buffet. Spring ahead to Casa Theodoro Pizzeria and Brazilian Eatery!

54-18 31st Avenue
Woodside  718.545.3800


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