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Super Supper At St. Andrew’s

The menu included  “Soup to Soup” in the St. Andrew Avellino Academy cafeteria on Friday, March 16 as the candidates for confirmation hosted the parish’s annual Lenten meal. The children and their parents prepared and served a wide selection of delicious soups and many different breads for the hungry crowd. The pastor, Rev. Joseph T. Holcomb, led grace before the meal and thanked the children and parents for their fine work. Thirty-three of the 53 candidates were able to participate in the memorable event. The students chose to have the funds they raised used to support hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico, which are directed  by the Piarist Fathers. The event was coordinated by Caridad Robles, Director of Religious Education with assistance from 7th grade teacher Ellen Vento.

—Joseph Brostek


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