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Klein, Hevesi Advance $15 Million Rental Subsidy Proposal

NYS Senator Jeff Klein (SD 34) and Assembly Member Andrew Hevesi (AD 28) advanced, in their respective one-house budgets, $15 million for an enhanced voucher system.

It signals that both houses of the State Legislature recognize that rental subsidies are the most effective way to address New York State’s growing homeless crisis. This subsidy is a step in the right direction and a sign of more to come as the state begins to address the worst homeless crisis since the Great Depression. The $15 million would be used to help families and individuals stay in their homes, as well as provide assistance to those already homeless in an attempt to afford them the stability needed to escape the cycle of poverty.

“After nearly two years of working on creative and pragmatic ways to stem the tide of homelessness in New York State, I am proud to say that I believe this is the first step towards truly and effectively helping our homeless population. This new subsidy will give recipients a life-changing opportunity towards self-sufficiency and stability. I want to thank my colleagues in government, especially Senator Klein, for leading the charge on this issue in the New York State Senate, and the dedicated advocates in the non-profit sector, especially Shelly Nortz, the Deputy Executive Director of Policy at the Coalition for the Homeless, for their guidance during the creation of this plan. I look forward to our continued work together, as this is just the beginning of a broader effort to combat homelessness in New York State,” said Assembly Member Hevesi.

“New York families should not call a hotel or motel home. Stable, affordable housing is critical to getting our homeless families and individuals off the streets. This rental subsidy program will help individuals get on their feet in comfort and dignity,” said Senator Klein.

“Having a safe and stable home is crucial to long-term success, for children and adults alike. We still have more work to do, but this plan is a great start to addressing homelessness in New York,” said Nortz.

These house budget proposals will now be considered for the final enacted budget. 

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