2018-03-21 / Editorials

Spring Is Here!

Yesterday was the first day of spring! This year, as it does many years, the vernal equinox (from the Latin words for spring, equal, and night, in that order) coincides with our official first day of spring by the calendar, on March 20. The equinox is based on the positions of the Earth and Sun, and can occur on the 19th, 20th, or 21st of March. It means the length of the day is exactly equal to the length of the night on that day, with the sun crossing the equator at 12:15 pm. After that, the days progressively become longer than the nights, and we can look forward to warmer and warmer temperatures. Spring is the favored season of most people, we’d venture, and it’s our favorite too. We waited a long time, and plan to dig in and spend as much time out in the sun as humanly possible. Even though our New Year begins January 1, spring is really the time of new beginnings—green things are growing, flowers are blooming, chicks are hatching, it’s kitten and puppy season, and we just feel energized, optimistic and ambitious. We are feeling more awake and alive already, and look forward to putting our winter coat away. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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