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Celebrating Greek Independence Day

March 25 is Greek Independence Day, celebrating the Greek Revolution that began in 1821. The Greek rebellion against the Ottoman Empire is a national holiday in Greece, but it is also very important here in Queens as well. Many Greeks put down their American roots here, especially in Bayside and Astoria, where one will probably find the most Greek Americans, Greek restaurants, schools, churches and Greek-owned businesses of all types. But it is not only a holiday for Greek Americans. It is a time for all to appreciate and celebrate the many contributions to our own civilization that came from Ancient Greece right up to modern times. The historical contributions from Ancient Greece provided the seeds of our system of government; the arts, including mythology, literature, drama, philosophy, aesthetics, sculpture, architecture; medicine, geometry, astronomy; and philanthropy (from the Greek words combining love with humanity). Did we leave anything out? Probably. When you think of a classical education, most of it stems from the Hellenic culture. Some of our greatest non- Greeks were inspired by the culture as well, through their classical education.

The contributions of Greek Americans today are also inestimable, with contributions in all spheres, whether it is the arts and sciences, or civic life. It’s not all just gyros and diners, though we love them and they have nourished us through countless delicious meals and get-togethers. They brought with them certain qualities of energy, determination, confidence, vision, intellect and passion.

Organized by the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York, the Greek Independence Day Parade will be held on April 22. Dignitaries, musicians, dancers, and beautiful people in floats will promenade up Fifth Avenue. Other events include the Parade Gala on April 15 at Terrace on the Park; a Flag Raising Ceremony on April 20 at Bowling Green in Manhattan; another Flag Raising Ceremony and Dance Exhibition at Athens Square Park on the afternoon of April 21, and the Greek Independence Gala on the evening of April 21 at the Hilton Hotel in Manhattan. Miss Greek Independence was held on March 17 at the Stathakion Center Astoria.

We celebrate the contributions of the Greek people and salute them for 197 years of independence.

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