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Report Traffic Safety Issues

By Liz Goff
City transportation officials are asking Queens residents to jump on the information highway with suggestions on ways to reduce traffic-related fatalities.

In line with Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “Vision Zero” traffic initiative, Department of Transportation (DOT) officials have provided an interactive map of the five boroughs on the agency website, where New Yorkers can design traffic safety plans for troubled intersections in their neighborhoods.

As part of the mayor’s initiative, local lawmakers, civic and community groups and the public are being urged to submit information to DOT on accident-prone streets and intersections and locations where fatal accidents have occurred.

The information will be forwarded to members of a multi-agency panel that is working on a series of changes designed to end traffic fatalities in New York City within the next 10 years.

The Vision Zero interactive map is one of DOT’s outreach strategies to gather information from the public. DOT officials are currently engaged in a series of community workshops with the NYPD and other city agencies, where residents voice their suggestions on how to improve traffic safety on local streets.

To report traffic safety issues in your neighborhood go to: www.visionmap.gov.

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