2018-03-07 / Editorials

Marches In Like A Lamb (Or: We Spoke Too Soon)

Marzo è pazzo (March is crazy), as the Italians say. March came in like a lamb, on the 1st at least. We hope we get lots more lamb-y days, notwithstanding the two nor’easters we just had. The sooner spring comes, the better. We are not out of the woods yet, as the pendulum swings each day between cold and warm temps; hopefully the daily weather highs will get higher (and so will the lows). Global warming or climatic swings may be a factor—we don’t know—but we can’t say we mind the several balmy days we’ve experienced so far the past few weeks. It is a pleasure and we know we are not the only ones enjoying the warmth.

Even though we remember February 2 was sunny—perhaps the only day of the year we don’t want sunshine and usually get it—Staten Island Chuck did not see his shadow, get scared and hunker back down in his warren. He stayed out enjoying the day, thus predicting an early spring. We hope he was right. We are keeping fingers crossed, though we know better than to count our groundhogs before they hatch.

Of course we know spring will eventually arrive each year, but after the trauma of winter we are always a little anxious it might not come, especially on those days when winter gets its last licks in. We cannot really complain about last winter, as we did not get as much snow dumped on us as in other years, but we won’t mind saying goodbye to the doldrums

We are always excited to see the tulip and crocus shoots, and the tree buds that make their overnight appearance. We are already hearing more cheerful chirping, reaching for lighter jackets, lingering outside longer, and welcoming that extra hour of sunlight we are now getting each day. We don’t see as many butterflies as we used to, and hope to see them soon as they migrate.

So break out your brights, but don’t put away your boots, and have faith in the coming warmth.

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