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Katz Recommends Approval Of Rezoning For New NYPD 116th Precinct Stationhouse

Rendering of a new NYPD 116th Precinct station house in Rosedale.Rendering of a new NYPD 116th Precinct station house in Rosedale.Borough President Melinda Katz issued her recommendation to approve the proposed rezoning and site selection of a new NYPD 116th Precinct stationhouse at 242-20 North Conduit Avenue in Rosedale. The NYPD presented its application last week at the Borough President’s Land Use Public Hearing at Borough Hall.

The proposal would rezone the lot to an R3-2/C1-3 district to allow the construction of a two-story, 45,000-square-foot stationhouse on an existing parking lot within Community Board District 13. 

“The need for this new 116th precinct was first identified generations ago by the families of Laurelton, Rosedale, Brookville and Springfield Gardens,” Borough President Katz said. “The plans are moving forward expeditiously toward fruition. Once built, the creation of the new NYPD 116th Precinct stationhouse will help fulfill that need by improving response times and having a more proactive presence closer to the neighborhoods it protects and serves.”

The project has been funded in full, thanks to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s May 2016 announcement of the city’s commitment of $70 million in the Capital plan for the new 116th precinct and stationhouse. The application, with Katz’ affirmative recommendation, now moves forward to the City Planning Commission, then to the City Council for review.

The existing 105th Precinct covers nearly 13 square miles and has its stationhouse on the northern end of the oblong territory. Its size has posed significant geographical challenges that make it difficult to fully serve neighborhoods in the southern half of its jurisdiction.

The proposal to create a new 116th Precinct has been long requested by the community, including Community Board 13. The creation of the 116th Precinct was included in Borough President Katz’s 2014 Strategic Policy Statement (queensbp.org/Queens_Strategic_Policy_Statement_2014.pdf). The existing 105th Precinct map can be found at www1.nyc.gov/site/nypd/bureaus/patrol/precincts/105th-precinct.page.

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