2018-01-31 / Front Page

FDNY: Shut The Door To Help Save Lives

FDNY officials are reminding city residents that their actions can help save lives during a fire.

In two public service announcements first aired on January 24, FDNY officials stressed the fact that shutting a door behind you when you leave a room that is on fire could save lives.

“Close the door,” an FDNY spokesperson says in one video – speaking over the sound of a victim gasping for air in a flame and smoke-filled room.

“There’s a fire in your home, you have to get out and you can prevent that fire from spreading and harming others,” the narrator says.

In a second announcement, firefighters say “close the door” in multiple languages, including sign language, in an urgent appeal to remind the public that shutting the door behind you in a fire can save lives.


                                                                                                -Liz Goff

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