2018-01-31 / Editorials

The State Of The World’s Borough

Borough President Melinda Katz gave her State of the Borough speech last Friday, in which she highlighted the strengths of our borough and where her efforts have brought us. Katz also discussed where we—the World’s Borough, as she has dubbed us—are headed, as she revealed she is taking a long view and sowing seeds far into our future. The accomplishments of our borough, in spite of obstacles, is unparalleled. This is the most diverse county in the world with the most dynamic people, representing every race, culture, language, religion, and sexual orientation. As we have said before, it is not just that we are diverse, but we are also hardworking people who make it happen. Diversity by itself is not the sole factor in our success. Diversity coupled with fortitude, courage, and the will to achieve has no bounds or limits. That is the positive story of Queens. Katz saluted all the immigrants who are climbing that ladder and making a better tomorrow for themselves and their families. Katz has invested much—one-third, or $100 million—of her budget in schools, another third in parks, and the last third in hospitals, housing, cultural institutions, and safety. She vowed to continue keeping contractors on course to complete the many projects that are underway. She will also strive to keep that funding flowing by convening a Queens Complete Count Committee to maximize Queens residents’ participation in the next Census. We salute our Borough President on her leadership and look forward to the next four years as she helps lead us to greater heights.

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