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BUREAU’: Following news reports that Acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney requested no funds from the Federal Reserve for his agency in the second quarter of fiscal year 2018, Congress Member Carolyn B. Maloney (NY- 12), senior member of the House Financial Services Committee, released the following statement.

“Our worst fears about Acting CFPB Director Mick Mulvaney have been realized – he is clearly trying to the dismantle from within the one federal agency whose sole mission is to fight for and protect consumers.

The Trump Administration’s irresponsible and shameful decision to defund and defang the CFPB will mean that consumers’ interests will once again take a back seat to corporate interests. The American people deserve a far better deal than this.

“Under its first director, Richard Cordray, the CFPB secured more than $12 billion for nearly 30 million consumers who were wronged by financial institutions and put into place new, strong consumer protections that outlaw deceptive lending practices and require that consumers are given the critical information they need before making financial decisions.

“The CFPB has made consumers far better off than they were before its founding and these efforts to dismantle it are not only foolish, but will lead to real harm for millions of hardworking Americans.”

‘LURCHING FROM CRISIS TO CRISIS’: House Democratic Caucus Chair Member Joe Crowley (D- NY) issued the following statement on the government funding bill:

“Republicans have proven time and time again that they cannot govern. President Trump and GOP leaders lack a cohesive vision for this country, and as a result, we’re left lurching from deadline to deadline and crisis to crisis. That isn’t leadership, and it’s doing nothing to help lift up Americans, who deserve a functioning government.

“That Speaker Ryan and the rest of the GOP leadership team even needed a fourth stop- gap funding bill shows just how scrambled their priorities are.

“Congress can pass a year- long spending bill that meets bipartisan goals – providing certainty for DREAMers, funding our national priorities, protecting

Americans’ pensions, and ensuring health insurance for 9 million children. Republicans merely need to choose to lead.”

Regarding the shutdown on Saturday, on the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, Crowley said, “There may be no better demonstration of President Trump’s lack of leadership and inability to govern than the fact that Republicans shut down the government tonight, just as his second year in office begins. Republican leaders have been complicit in the many failings of the Trump presidency, and now their inability to lead will directly harm our men and women in uniform, seniors, veterans, and working Americans. Shutdowns leave lasting marks on our economy and leave our country weaker and less secure.

“Through four different short- term funding bills, Democrats have pushed for compromise.

Republicans have refused to work toward an agreement each and every time. Democrats want a government that functions and helps all Americans. Republicans want to hold children hostage and create the illusion of absolute dichotomies. Let me be clear: what we’re seeing from Republicans is not leadership. This is not courage. And it’s not what Americans deserve.”


RESOLUTION: After voting “no” on the continuing resolution on Monday, Congress Member Carolyn B. Maloney (NY-12) released the following statement:

“Funding the federal government for a few days or weeks at a time is no way to run a country. It is an embarrassment to a nation as great as ours. This bill just kicks the can down the road, further delaying a real budget agreement. It ignores critical needs that demand immediate attention – pay for veterans, funds to fight the opioid epidemic, reauthorizing Community Health Centers, disaster relief, and protections for the DREAMers. House Republicans say that they will address these issues in the future, but we have heard such promises before. We cannot accept more promises, but instead, we must demand action to make real progress to benefit all Americans. Our country deserves a better deal.

Maloney explained her no vote last week: “I could not vote for a bill that fails to secure a future for DREAMers, that fails to fully extend and reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and that utterly fails to provide the desperately needed emergency disaster relief funding for Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and all those impacted by wildfires. I could not vote for a bill that fails to do all of that and hands out even more corporate tax cuts on top of the windfall Republicans handed out in their tax plan.

“I do not believe in shutting down our government but I cannot support kicking the can down the road when we should be doing our jobs now. This country deserves a far better deal – one that addresses the urgent priorities of our country and provides for the people who need our help the most.”

As House Ranking Member of the Joint Economic Committee and Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Securities, and Investment, Maloney explained the economic consequences of the Trump Shutdown.

“If President Trump and Republican congressional leadership continue to refuse bipartisan compromises to reopen the federal government, it will not only continue to disrupt the lives of millions of Americans, it likely will have significant economic costs.

“Economists broadly agree that shutting down the government is likely to have a negative impact on GDP. The nonpartisan Bureau of Economic Analysis studied the 2013 Republican shutdown and found that it lowered real GDP growth by 0.3 percentage points on an annualized basis. Economic forecasters, including those at Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s, and Goldman Sachs, found that the 16-day shutdown in 2013 may have cost our economy $24 billion – about $1.5 billion per day.

Regarding the most recent shutdown, Maloney said it “will likely hurt consumer confidence and in turn, weaken spending. Consumers spend less, so businesses sell less. Because consumer spending accounts for more than two-thirds of the U.S. economy, a loss of confidence could have a significant ripple effect.

“In the past, our Republican colleagues have been cavalier about the likely effects of a government shutdown, perhaps hoping that the resulting chaos would weaken public confidence in Congress and the federal government and thus support their efforts to slash government spending. However, they are playing with fire, not only because our nation depends on faith in our democratic institutions, but because the economy depends on it as well.”

DACA: ‘A PERMANENT DACA FIX ISN’T JUST COMPASSIONATE, IT’S SMART ECONOMICALLY’: Congress Member Carolyn B. Maloney (NY-12), House Ranking Member of the Joint Economic Committee, is continuing to fight for a permanent DACA fix so that Dreamers can live their American dream. She argues that not only is it the moral thing to do, but it is also in our nation’s economic self-interest.

“Congress is on a collision course regarding the fates of nearly 800,000 Dreamers. These young people are Americans in all ways but on paper. Many have never lived outside the U.S. and know no other language than English and yet, the Trump Administration wants to deport them to countries which they have never called home.

“I, like most Americans, support the Dreamers out of compassion, but we know for others that compassion isn’t enough. So how about national economic self-interest?

“As the Ranking House Democrat on the Joint Economic Committee, I am tasked with studying our nation’s economic issues and I have learned that one of the major challenges facing the U.S. economy is the slow growth of our labor force. We need energetic and hard-working young people – like the Dreamers. In fact, economists predict that deporting Dreamers will hurt our economy. The conservative Cato Institute estimates that such a mass deportation would result in a $280 billion reduction in economic growth over the next decade.

“So, while Congress should listen to the American people and support the Dreamers on moral grounds, if that is not enough, how about national economic self-interest?”

‘MILLIONS MORE UNINSURED AMERICANS’: House Democratic Caucus Chair Joe Crowley (D-NY) issued the following statement on reports that 3.2 million more Americans were uninsured at the end of 2017 than when President Trump took office last January:

“The constant attempts to destabilize our health care markets by President Trump and congressional Republicans have reversed the progress made under the Affordable Care Act, which produced the lowest levels of uninsured Americans in our country’s history.

“The GOP’s fear-mongering about the survival of the ACA pushed insurers and consumers out of the market, leaving our most vulnerable to fend for themselves. With the passage of their latest tax scam, which includes the eradication of the individual mandate, we can only expect to see the number of uninsured continue to rise.

“It’s my hope that these troubling figures will finally force President Trump and Republicans to do what’s right for the health of our country and work with Democrats to ensure that all Americans have access to affordable and quality health care.”

‘YET ANOTHER REPUBLICAN ATTACK ON A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE’: Congress Member Carolyn B. Maloney (NY-12), member of the Pro- Choice Caucus, took to the House floor to speak against H.R. 4712, the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, a Republican anti-choice bill, and urged her colleagues to vote against this attempt to keep doctors from giving care to their patients and women from making their own health decisions, a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

The Congress Member, in addressing her colleagues, stated:

“In the past year, the usual Republican stream of anti-woman, anti-choice policies has turned into a flood. Today’s vile bill is based on myths and lies and designed to intimidate doctors from providing abortions.

“I’d like to remind my colleagues that for 45 years, the Supreme Court has upheld a woman’s Constitutional right to access a legal abortion and that current law already protects infants – as well it should. But, Republicans would rather play politics with women’s lives than rely on science and the law. This bill seeks to criminalize legal medical services and put extreme, anti-choice ideology between a woman and her doctor.

“In what other circumstance would we ever tolerate denying, delaying, and interfering with legitimate and legal medical care? This must stop. Protect a woman from this political charade. Allow doctors to take care of their patients.

“And please vote no on this unfair, vile bill.”

CROWLEY PRAISES GOVERNOR CUOMO’S BUDGET PROPOSAL: House Democratic Caucus Chair Joe Crowley (D-NY) issued the following statement on Governor Cuomo’s budget proposal:

“The Republican-devised tax law will devastate New York. It will leave our families and middle-class workers deprived of the resources they need to start a business, buy a home, and save for their future. I welcome Governor Cuomo’s full-throated offensive against this Republican attack on our state. His common-sense plan to seek out reforms for state revenues will help ensure that New York can keep its promise to her citizens and that our state will continue to be a leader in business, education, and innovation.

“And, at a time when Republicans and President Trump are advancing a divisive agenda attempted to divide us, the ‘Tax Fairness for All’ campaign is just the kind of leadership we need. We have a great responsibility to fight for everyday Americans, and Governor Cuomo’s budget does just that.”

PHEFFER AMATO TO HOST MOBILE BREAST CANCER SCREENING CLINIC: On Saturday, April 14, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Assembly Member Stacey Pheffer Amato will host a free, mobile breast cancer screening. The screening is being held outside of the Lindenwood Village Shopping Center, at 82-29 153rd Avenue in Howard Beach.

“My hope is that, by providing a means for women to detect breast cancer early, we can prevent as many tragedies as possible. Dedicating this screening is my own small way of helping honor the legacy of a selfless, beloved member of our community who was taken way too soon. This is a disease that can usually be detected early, and when it’s detected, the outcomes are better,” said Pheffer Amato. “I encourage as many women as possible to come out on April 14 to get screened. It’s free, and it’s a great way to ensure your health!”

The mobile screening day, is being provided free of charge by the American Italian Cancer Foundation (www.americanitaliancancer.org).

The qualifications are:

 Women aged 40 and over with health insurance

 Women aged 50 and over, with or without health insurance

 Currently living in New York City

 No mammograms over the past 12 months

There are no copays or deductibles for use of the clinic.

To sign up, participants should call:

718-945-9550, Assembly Member Pheffer Amato’s office, or

877-628-9090, the American Italian Cancer Foundation.

ADDABBO PARTNERS WITH FOOD PANTRIES FOR VALENTINE’S DAY DRIVE: Now that the holidays have come and gone, NYS Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. wants to remind everyone that there are members of the community who are still in need. That is why Addabbo has spearheaded a Valentine’s Day food drive for the Zion Tabernacle Food Pantry in Ozone Park and the Sacred Heart Food Pantry in Glendale.

Addabbo will be collecting items for the food drive at his District Office in Howard Beach, located at 159-53 102nd Street, and his Middle Village office located at 66-85 73rd Place, until Tuesday, February 13. On Wednesday, February 14 – Valentine’s Day – Addabbo will go to both pantries and drop off all of the donated items.

Both the Zion Tabernacle Food Pantry and the Sacred Heart Food Pantry are in need of traditional food pantry items such as canned goods, dry foods like pastas, sugar, flour, food seasonings, and other non-perishable food items.

In addition to food, both Zion Tabernacle and Sacred Heart are in need of household items, cleaning supplies like detergent to wash clothes; diapers; and toiletries to help the Puerto Rican survivors of Hurricane Maria in the area and local residents who are in need of assistance.

“The community is great at coming together to help the less fortunate during the holiday season, but now that the holidays have passed, there is still a need. That is why I partnered with these local food pantries for this Valentine’s Day food drive,” Addabbo said. “We will be collecting food donations as well as cleaning supplies and toiletries at my district office in Howard Beach and my Middle Village office. There will be no better day to spread the love to those in need than on Valentine’s Day.”

For more information on the food drive, call Addabbo’s Howard Beach office at 718-738-1111 or the Middle Village office at 718-497-1630.

WEPRIN AGAINST CONGESTION TOLLS: Assembly Member David Weprin issued the following statement on Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed plan to create a congestion zone in New York City:

“I am pleased to hear that the Governor did not include tolls on the East River bridge crossings – which have been free since 1911 – as part of his 2018 Executive Budget Proposal. As I’ve expressed before, tolls impose an unfair burden on the middle class, small businesses, and those who cannot access public transportation. Although I look forward to hearing the complete details of the proposal from the Fix NYC advisory panel and support efforts to reduce congestion citywide, I’d like to ensure that any congestion zone will keep the needs of all New Yorkers, including the many working New Yorkers who often commute from the outer boroughs and who do not have easily available access to public transportation, in mind.”

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