2018-01-24 / Editorials

We Are Healthy & Strong, Thanks To Them

Welcome to our Medical Issue, highlighting the various facilities we have access to in our superb borough. It is a point of pride for Queens residents that we have access to the best medical care and fitness centers in the world. Every specialty and mode of treatment is not only represented, but is also at the frontier of technology. Recently we ran a front page story about cutting-edge surgery now available that cuts “door to needle” time by 85 percent (“Mount Sinai Brings Lifesaving Stroke Tech To Queens,” November 15, 2017). That represents real progress in medical treatment for us. This is only one example of the great leaps in care Queens patients can now expect right here. There is no longer any need to leave Queens for world-class health care.

Not only do we not have to cross the East River for the best care in the city, people from around the world come here for all of their healthcare needs. Any treatment one might need throughout the borough can be provided within a few minutes by car or ambulance ride, should such ever become necessary.

We are indeed fortunate to have within our midst facilities like Mount Sinai Queens (25-10 30th Ave., Astoria), which constantly reinvests in the latest high-tech equipment and attracts the leading and most qualified health professionals in every specialty. They not only serve all our medical needs, they are mere minutes away, when time is of the essence in medical emergencies. They are a boon to the community, providing not only the best in healthcare, but jobs in the health field and all the ancillary occupations that are involved in the running of such institutions; their presence also makes the area more attractive to everyone as a place to live, set up shop, and make other investments, all of which improve the economy for us all.

For preventing illness and getting and staying strong, we have a multitude of fitness centers to choose from in every neighborhood, and they represent an ever-growing variety of disciplines, feature state-of-the-art equipment and the most professional and advanced trainers and personnel anywhere.

We salute those dedicated to keeping us healthy and always striving to offer the best health care in existence.

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