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NYPD: Pull The Plug To Increase Safety

By Liz Goff
Police officials are renewing a reminder to the public to use common sense when walking alone, especially at night, while plugged in to Smart Phones and other electronic devices.

Police are urging New Yorkers to pull the plug, to avoid distractions from phones and other electronic gadgets that can stop you from staying alert to traffic conditions, crowds, and possibly dangerous situations.

“People have a tendency to get lost in phone conversations and online information gathering,” police said. “Users tend to ignore their surroundings and all that is going on around them. It’s okay to stay in touch with friends and family, or to research information online, but it’s important to stay alert to what’s happening around you.”

People might want to consider putting their phone away while they trek to and from the subway each day during rush hour, police said. “It’s especially important to remain alert during the winter months, when the skies are dark both in early morning and evening.”

Make personal safety a first priority, police said. “There is plenty of time to plug yourself in when you’re in the safety of your own home.”

For more crime prevention tips or to sign up for crime prevention programs offered free of charge by the NYPD, call the Crime Prevention officer at your local precinct.











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