2018-01-17 / Editorials

The Transportation Debacle, Part 5,232

In this day and age, 2018, we should not have to strategize and prepare for an odyssey or expedition every day when we get into a car, bus, train, or plane. It should not be chaos at every turn, but it seems the only thing we can depend on when traveling is chaos. We are almost surprised when we can take a normal route, especially on the weekends with mass transit. There is a serious problem every couple of months or less. The fiasco at JFK after the snow the weekend before last left thousands stranded and virtually prisoners at the airport. It was not a shocking amount of snow. This is the Northeast; it is a pretty safe bet it will snow every winter. Why are we not better prepared? Ironically, travel was a lot smoother a few decades ago, despite our primitive technology compared to now. At JFK people were tucked into every nook and cranny, trying to sleep or just waiting hours on end to find out what was to become of them during this “vacation.” Planes should not be diverted or canceled at the whim of the weather. We know we do not need to cite any other examples – everyone has their own share of travel nightmare stories. It is not as if the state of our infrastructure is a big surprise. We have allowed our infrastructure to become dilapidated and it is mighty tedious enduring this game of catch-up, or patch-up. We need to have a much more regimented, reliable system as we did in previous decades. Transportation is too basic a necessity to be in such disarray. People need to have confidence in our system, knowing when and where they will end up when traveling.

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