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Bayside Resident Pens Debut Novel About Sasquatch

Bayside resident Ryan J. Lyons has penned his debut book entering the literary world with his fictional memoirs of living with a Sasquatch otherwise known in popular culture as Big Foot in his book “Sojourn with the Sasquatch”.

The blurb on the back cover of Lyons’ book reads as follows.

“Recurring 16- to 27-inch footprints throughout the Pacific Northwest have led many Americans to believe that reclusive, ape-like creatures called Sasquatch stalk the woods. Few have had more than a brief glimpse of them, and no one has conducted direct, long-term observation of them in their natural habitat. Until now. Walter Spink is near-sighted, socially awkward and accident-prone. He is also a self-styled monster hunter. When he and his meek assistant, Matt Preston, travel to the Pacific Northwest seeking Sasquatch, their chance of finding them appears nil, but unexpectedly the monster hunters find themselves living and traveling with a group of Sasquatch. During their sojourn with the Sasquatch, Walter and Matt learn whether caterpillars taste like chicken and how to annoy a silverback without really trying. Somehow they navigate the social pitfalls of the group, but Walter's growing obsession with protecting the Sasquatch will test his loyalty to his own kind--and to Matt.”

The book almost reads like diary. This device adds an air of authenticity to the book as Walter and Matt live with these illusive and little known beasts of which so much has been written about and a multi-million dollar industry involving movies and TV shows has been built.

Reading at 304 pages, Sojourn with the Sasquatch is a good read and is sure to entertain all fans of the genre with this original piece.

Mr. Lyons has been fascinated with cryptozoology and all manner of unexplained phenomena for most of his life. He is uniquely qualified to relate the misadventures of Walter Spink by virtue of 39 years’ worth of his own misadventures, both social and zoological.

He lives with a remarkably tolerant husband, two dogs (including a Yorkshire terrier who is tough enough to daunt the stoutest-hearted Sasquatch) and two cats.

The book is available on amazon.com and at Barnes & Noble.com and sales for $12.95.

–Jason D. Antos

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