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Letters to the Editor

Extension Wishful Thinking

To The Editor:

Extension of the NYC Transit 1 subway line from the Rector Street Downtown, Manhattan station to Red Hook, Brooklyn for $3.5 billion (a tunnel and three new stations) as proposed in 2016 by Chris Ward, Senior Vice President of AECOM, an engineering firm, and now supported by Governor Andrew Cuomo in his 2018 State of the State speech, is wishful thinking. This subway extension would support a proposed Red Hook economic development project. It would be similar in size and scope to Battery Park City in Manhattan. Was this $3.5 billion figure written on the back of a napkin? Cuomo wants the MTA to conduct and pay for a planning feasibility study. There would still be the need for environmental documents or preliminary design and engineering followed by final design and engineering efforts and identification of billions for construction funding. All of the above is necessary to validate any basic estimates for construction costs. Given the narrow streets and dense development, who could find a staging area for mobilization of contractor employees, equipment and materials to support construction? Imagine trying to assemble a tunnel boring machine at Rector Street adjacent to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. What about removal of debris once excavation begins? Hundreds of trucks needed on a daily basis to remove rock and soil would be challenging.

It cost $4.5 billion for Phase 1 Second Avenue subway (36 blocks & 3 stations) and $2.4 billion (18 blocks & 1 station) for the 7 line Hudson Yards subway extension. Neither required a multi-billion tunnel under the East River. Construction of new subway stations average between $500 million up to $1 billion, depending upon location and complexity of work. All three new subway stations would require compliance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). This includes expensive elevators and other features.

Is there a political quid pro quo in the form of campaign donations between developers, construction contractors and unions who support this project and Cuomo?

Larry Penner
Great Neck

An Outrage

To The Editor:

It is an absolute outrage that there are thousands of NYCHA residents throughout the city that have been without heat or hot water. How can this be permitted to happen? Why weren’t all the boilers in these buildings inspected in October, before the winter season and any necessary repairs or replacements of the boilers could have been made? Nobody should have to live in such horrendous conditions, and suffer needlessly through this extreme cold spell. Many tenants are using their stoves as well as space heaters to heat their apartments as best they can. These two methods of heating an apartment are very dangerous. NYCHA should make getting heat and hot water restored to these thousands of tenants an immediate priority. People should not have to endure such unlivable conditions.

John Amato
Fresh Meadows

An Abomination

To The Editor:

It is an abomination that an NYPD officer touched a 16-year-old in broad daylight. It is disgusting and unprofessional. We hold police officers in high esteem. This is shameful and all uniformed officers must set an example. I agree with our mayor’s plan to add barriers to city streets to prevent cars or trucks from running people down, like the terrorist attack in Times Square. As for Rikers Island it is not a good idea to close the facility. Where will the prisoners go? It will be a menace and threat to society.

I applaud Borough President Melinda Katz and Council Members Paul Vallone and Costa Constantinides for all the dedication they are showing to our city. I am glad that the renewable fuel bill was passed and applaud the City Council for doing this. I am glad that Christmas tree recycling will take place; it will give back to Mother Earth and help enrich the soil and help growth in the spring. It is wise to heed the fire safety tips for the winter in addition to getting rid of old Christmas trees. There are too many fires happening now in the Bronx and it is a sad state of affairs. Heat in apartments seems to break down often during this very, very cold weather.

I am glad that countdown clocks have been installed in all the subway stations. Riders must be made aware of when trains will arrive at the stations.

Cynthia Groopman
Little Neck

Greed And Hate Rule

To The Editor:

New Year’s Day has come and gone and many resolutions have been made, but by and large few may be kept. Our world governments and leaders, including our own under President Trump, need to have resolutions that truly need to be enacted upon. The issues of this world are truly most troubling. Look at the list: worldwide unemployment, homelessness, war in Afghanistan, the North Korean and Iranian governments’ development of nuclear weapons, earthquakes, famine, global warming, diseases, fires, and let’s not forget the polar bears are losing their habitat. The question I have is, where is our concern for our planet in 2018, and where is the peace on Earth? Do not enough people in powerful positions care? For an intelligent species, it’s a shame we can’t work together and come up with answers. But unfortunately, greed and hate rule the day. I hope we can work together before it is too late. My personal resolution is that I pray we can all work together for the common good of humanity. I believe all people of all races, natural origins, and religious beliefs can help one another in need. I think as a human race it is a resolution that should be kept. Even if our world leaders can’t do the right thing. Remember this too: Evil thrives when good people do nothing or say nothing!

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.
Glen Oaks Village

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