2018-01-03 / Editorials

Resolutions Need Not Be Drudgery

The hubbub of the holidays is winding down and we can at last settle back into our routines, but not before contemplating what tweaks we should make in them to improve the trajectory of our lives. A resolution is a decision, but more than that, it is a pledge. We may make one on behalf of ourselves, or others who are important to us. It is a self-reinforcing sign of optimism; some aspects of how we manage our lives are very much within our own control, and it is a healthy step just to assume that control. As fast as each year goes by, before you know it 365 days of life-affirming improvement have gone a long way.

In last week’s Editorial (“Ushering In 2018”) we spoke of the value of this time of year for fresh starts – even if it is only in our minds. It’s a personal annual reset, much the same way we link up putting a new battery in the smoke detector when we change the clocks. Last week we described a couple of good luck rituals people around the world perform, but now it is time to create new rituals that will forward our resolutions. Those little, daily changes will lead to big achievements. Hopefully they are good for us, and also in harmony with our character and goals, so that we are raring to go. Some resolutions simply require a little reminder, perhaps a plaque on our desks or a pretty magnet reminding us to practice patience, forgiveness, controlling anger, making more of an effort to call long-neglected family and friends, etc.

Other lifestyle changes can use a little strategy. Plan on how to achieve the goal, with rewards built in to keep you going. For example, make the diet easier by getting delicious smoothies that include real vegetables and fruit; stock up on the real thing to make your own at home; get new gym clothes to go with that new membership, and sign up for something you like such as dancing, weights, martial arts or yoga; check the menus at your favorite restaurants for items that feature vegetables and leaner cuts of meat, and try out some new places you haven’t been to yet. Being healthy will make your loved ones happy, and you will be in a better mood and have more energy. Use the same process and attitude shift for any other achievements you hope to attain.

If you have not made any resolutions yet, it is not too late. Follow through, and we know you will succeed. Don’t demand the impossible of yourself and then be forced to give up. Be kind to yourself, and reasonable. Keep it simple, and you will stick with it and succeed: get your five servings of vegetables daily, walk more, and while you do so, do not forget to enjoy yourself! Visit the many fabulous shops, restaurants, clubs, and venues The World’s Borough has to offer. Good luck, and we wish you success as you dig into this grand New Year!

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