2018-01-03 / Editorials

Have A Heart

Twenty-two feral cats in the Windsor Oaks co-op in Bayside were being taken care of by residents until the co-op board decided to discard the animals’ shelters during sub-freezing temperatures. It seems the cats were not the target. The coop board had wanted to build a clubhouse in the wooded area behind the co-ops, but the area is protected from development. When the board was instructed to clean up garbage dumped in the woods, they removed the shelters as well, they said. The Board of Standards and Appeals has reportedly said the shelters can stay, and they have since been replaced. Unfortunately cat shelters have been cruelly removed in other locations for no particular reason. Those who take care of the feral cat colonies see to it that the cats are TNR’ed – trapped, neutered/spayed (and vaccinated) – then returned to live out their days in the colony instead of being euthanized. They are not multiplying rampantly, “spraying” or posing any threat or danger to anyone in any sense, nor do they spread disease. The cats actually help control populations of pests, improving the environment. We do not see a problem with kind-hearted people being allowed to care for the animals, provided they are TNR’ed and the area is kept clean. We applaud their compassion and support their efforts.

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