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On the Road in Italy: Enjoying a Local Venetian Café

By Catherine Tsounis

Pastry display.
Photos by Despina Siolas MD/Ph.D.Pastry display. Photos by Despina Siolas MD/Ph.D.During Christmas, we recall edible treasures. I enjoyed Dr. Despina enjoying Spritz, the national beverage of Venice.
Dr. Despina enjoying Spritz, the national beverage of Venice. exceptional pastry treasures in late October 2017 in Venice. We went to a local café called Almond paste cookies.
Almond paste cookies. “Bar Pasticceria di Chiusso Pierino” near San Giorgio dei Greci Church (St. George of the Greeks) in Castello. We sat in front of the Bar/Café and enjoyed the view of Maria, the hostess.
Maria, the hostess. cobblestone streets and medieval buildings.

The flaky sweet bread melted in our mouths, meaning it was very fresh. I enjoyed viewing every Venetian pastry in the display case. It was like a Christmas display in New York City cafe. The cholesterol, dairy free almond cookies was something to remember. Maria showed us Flaky bread.
Flaky bread. her pastry delights. A framed award for excellence was prominently seen on counter.

Award for excellence.
Award for excellence. In New York, we say “Lets have a cup of coffee.”

In Venice, everyone says “Lets have a spritz and socialize.” Maria created an orange flavored liqueur  sparkling soda drink. That’s what you call living the Venetian social scene.

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