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King Pigeon Rescued In Astoria

If you, or anyone you know lost a pet king pigeon, read on:

On Friday, December 8 on my way to work at the Queens Gazette I walked up Steinway Street and saw a woman stopped at a tree looking down at a bird in front of Wing Stop (ironically). Being a person who stops for any kind of injured animal, I stopped to see if the bird was hurt in any way. He actually seemed friendly – maybe he was someone’s pet?  He was white and looked similar to a pigeon, but rather large. The lady and I were not sure exactly what to do, as he seemed he could not fly, but otherwise he seemed ok. We scooped him up and walked to Steinway Court Vet located at 32-41 Steinway Street. The friendly staff at Steinway Court Vet does not specialize in large birds, so they gave me a carrier to put him in and the Wild Bird Fund’s phone number. I took him to work with me, made the call and they said they would take him in. The Wild Bird Fund, located at 565 Columbus Avenue in Manhattan, is a wonderful place that takes in many different types of birds, such as chickens, ducks, swans and hawks to name a few. They are the only rehabilitation facility for wildlife in New York City

Upon entry, chickens and a duck greeted me. The staff at the Wild Bird Fund were so nice and caring. They looked at him and told me he was a king pigeon and is unable to fly, as they are bred as pets not meant to fly. He was well-fed but had a sore on his foot and they (gave) him a full examination. They told me I did the right thing by taking him there; with a winter storm coming, he was sure to freeze. They told me I can track his progress under David the King, (named after my dad). If all goes well, and he is not claimed as someone’s missing pet, he will be relocated upstate to a bird sanctuary to live out his life with other king pigeons. If you are looking to make a donation this holiday season, give to the Wild Bird Fund. They are doing wonderful things for wild birds who are sick, hurt and orphaned. They also do school trips and are always looking for volunteers. For more on the Wild Bird Fund, follow them on Facebook, wildbirdfund, or Instagram @wildbirdfund and check out their website www.wildbirdfund.org.

—Melissa Mennona


David the King pigeon.


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