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History Of Black Indians Explored In Book & Lecture Series

By Jason D. Antos

Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage by Professor William Loren Katz.Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage by Professor William Loren Katz.

Author and lecturer, Professor William Loren Katz gave an insightful presentation on the history of African Americans and their relationship with Native Americans to a diverse audience at the Central Library in Jamaica.

Prof. Katz based his lecture from his bestselling and groundbreaking book Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage

An author of more than 40 books, Katz has painstakingly researched the little known history of between slaves and the Native Americans.

The event, sponsored by the Friends of Douglaston-Little Neck Library, was a well-attended one with many learning about this amazing history.

As Prof. Katz explained, life in the early American colonies was tough for blacks and Native Americans. In 1690, a Connecticut law forbad red or black from walking beyond the town limits and most of New England had curfew hours for Native Americans that went into effect at 9 p.m. A law passed in 1773 in New York in Albany stipulated that Native Americans and slaves could not be out at night without the usage of a lantern.

There were numerous laws put into action after those in power observed that Native Americans and slaves were joining together both in friendship and marriage.

Native Americans also protected runaway slaves and adopted them into their ranks. European slave traders searching for runaway slaves would often come into contact with Native Americans who would forcibly stop them from searching.

This adaptation of slaves into Native society led to a wide occurrence of intermarriage between the two races.

Even future President and founding father Thomas Jefferson noted that in Virginia there was "more negro than Indian blood" amongst the locale Mattaponies.

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